because sometimes letting go is a better option and it may lead you to something unexpected.

It’s not always what you think you’ll get that sometimes our expectations are unhealthy for ourselves. Our mind gets burdened with false hopes and when they’re left unfulfilled we start inhaling negative vibes.

Why can’t we breathe free, why can’t we give ourselves another chance, why can’t we smash the glass ceiling in the faces of those who had underestimated us , never trusted us. Why can’t we not become a free spirited soul ? Why before thinking of ownself we think about what would others say or think ?

There are as many mouths as much people. Everyone has to say something but that doesn’t mean you stop believing in yourselves, feel guilty about your deeds, don’t feel free to do your mind. Why do we stop ourselves ?

Why do we think twice of our decisions ? Why do marks or our social and financial status defines us ? Why is a short person always mocked about ? Why is a person with spectacles always thought as a geek ?

No one has the right to judge you merely on your physical appearance. This social stigma needs a change. A change begins with a change in the minds of a person.

When I was in my 10th standard and I had to choose my further course of studies. I choose medical, I wanted to become a cardiologist , this was because we had a family doctor around us and I admired him a lot. In 11th I came face to face with my decision. Those hectic tuition classes from morning to evening , those heavy books and some lots of other stuff burdened my head. The first term results made it clear that my destination was somewhere else.

Everyone started taking a toll on me. The air of discouragement and failure prevailed at that time. The guilt of spending so much money of my parents was bothering me, according to them I had wasted my 6 months. The society became horrible but thank God you have some really good people around you. My bunch of my people including some of my teachers, friends and my parents who guided and supported me and helped me focus through this low phase.

I decided on taking up humanities. No one else can tell me who I am. I have always made decisions and stood on them and my bunch has always supported me.

But distractions come uninvited. They came and left but my grades suffered. Later in my life distractions again re entered my life but this time they were unaware of my maturity and the art of tackling them with ease. It took time but I fought and I won.

There are many battles we have to fight for our survival and for letting ourselves free.

The most encouraging part came when I was in University. I topped my first year in my class comprising of two semesters simultaneously. I had never topped in school and was just carefree to think about becoming a topper. That was the phase which taught me that marks don’t define you and everyone is unique. It let me to find my trait which defined me.

The society now seemed happy but now I knew that they couldn’t set my limits and judge me.

Life has always taught me valuable lessons. Everything in life be it relationships , jobs or grades don’t ever let them define you and whenever you feel stressed just give it a pause.

Oh poor, unthinking human heart ! Error will not go away, logic and reason are slow to penetrate. We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe the weightiest proofs against it , embracing it with all our strength. In the end it escapes, ripping our veins and draining our heart’s blood ; until regaining consciousness, we rush to fall into snares of delusion all over again.

A pause is necessary to figure out some important aspects of your life.

Break free and give yourself a pause. Don’t let people control , stop or define you. Give yourself the space you needed , a break that your mind or heart longed for.

Let go of the toxins of your life and inhale positive vibes. Be the real you you’ve always wanted to be. Smash the fakeness which you have pretended in front of the society. You are your own priority.

Pause , stay still , think and then rewind and reinvent yourself. You are the writer of your story….the story of your life.

Thanks for reading. Hope my writings bring a positive change in your life.

Be you ❤️


The sense of an ending

Everything good or bad comes to an end. That’s the way life strikes a balance. And that is one of the lessons that universe teaches us time and again – through seasonal cycles, through the nature of time and the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death.

Every ending brings with it some regret, some pain, and a sense of loss. And yet, as we all know through personal experience, in time, the pain and regret wear out as we start immersing ourselves in a new beginning. Slowly, but assuredly, autumn will give way to spring. And, just as surely the blooms of spring will wither away into another autumn. Both seasons come with their own sense of beauty and purpose.

Paraphrasing, if winter comes, how can spring be left far behind…

Nature knows her cycles and inexorably follows these. But do we know ours ? Are we aware of our exit lines and do we attempt to deliver these just as gracefully as we welcome beginnings ?

Not just in matters as grave as life and death, almost every day we encounter beginnings and endings, no matter how small. It is important to recognise these, be it relationships, jobs, or a stage of life. It could be some work you are doing – writing, painting, creating, or making something.

As anyone who writes, paints or indulges in any creative activity can tell you, it is very tough to let go of your work and declare it done. You can always improve that piece of writing, a poem, a painting, a lyric or even the sound of music.

Leonardo da Vinci put this succinctly when he said, Art is never finished, only abandoned.

It is important to understand when something reaches its end. If we do so we will be able to let go without denying its validity and significance in making us what we are. If we keep fighting the end, we just increase the pain. This is particularly true of relationships or jobs that we are working on. We find it tough to let go when the time comes. People in our lives sometimes just play out their roles and move on, and that is how it is meant to be.

Dignity lies in getting a sense of the ending and letting go gracefully.

Endings are times for introspection and philosophising. We must pause at every ending and internalise the lessons learnt before we move on.

After every ending, comes a new beginning and both deserve celebrations and that is the way of life.

We must recognise that endings are inevitable and a time for introspection as we wait to welcome new beginnings…

Every ending is a new beginning somewhere else. Cherish and celebrate every moment of life because life is a one time affair.

Babumoshai zindigi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi…

Thank you for taking out your precious time and reading this.

Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to mention your reviews in the comments.

Thank you


It’s Complicated

There are some issues prevailing in our society which need to be addressed. Issues which restrict a girl to live life on her own terms.

An Indian girl faces many obstacles in her life. Issues like dowry, single child , female foeticide,sexual harassment, managing house, cooking good food are issues we come across daily but choose to ignore it and believing it as something which cannot be corrected. We are wrong here.

If a couple has a single girl child, people start interrogating them suspiciously, only one ? that too a girl ? Why ? This is something redicilous. I mean it was their personal decision. Why does the society needs to poke their nose here. And then people say every child whether a boy or a girl is a God’s gift.

Hypocrisy is in the blood of Indians.

We want a mother, a wife, a sister then why don’t we need a girl child ? Are all these relations possible without a girl ?

She’s a girl, start preparing for her dowry. Dear people dowry given and taken is a crime. Nowadays another form of dowry is how much will you be spending on the wedding ? I find it shockingly that still in marriages the girl’s side gifts a car or books a huge palace for the wedding. Food is wasted, money is boasted in such big fat indian weddings. Why can’t both the sides play an equal role in their marriage ?

Why is respect not given equally to women ?

She’s a girl, she’s meant to do household work, her education’s not important it won’t be beneficial in the future, her first priority should be on cooking good food and managing household chores because this is what she’d be doing in the future, this is how she’ll become part of a good family.

Feeling irritated ? Angry ?

Sadly, this is the mindset of every household nowadays. This is what we usually hear from our grandparents , you are a girl you have to do all this, you have to compromise, adjust and be suppressed. The truth is that in this independent India, not only boys but girls have all the right to education and live their lives independently. Law is equal for everyone.

A girl in order to stand up for herself and fight with the evils residing in the society needs to be financially independent. You can challenge the wrong doings only when you have a status and power in the society. My parents right from the beginning have made me stand for myself, stand for what you think is wrong, follow your intuition, be financially strong and independent. Knowing the art of earning a bread is more important than knowing how to bake a bread.

The hypocrisy is that men expect a lady to be beautiful, with a high paying job, a status but provided that she should be a good cook and could manage the house properly. Did we girls ever set some rules and standards for you ? Why only girls ?

Ask a boy if he knows how to cook, he’d say he barely knows how to boil water or milk or the most common it’s not important for us. What if you live alone somewhere, so what we’ve other options like restaurants or gurudwaras. If every girl should be familiar with cooking then why not a boy ? Why did their mothers not teach them basics in cooking ? This thought needs to be changed and talked about.

A man could be a chef at a restaurant, he could be working at a dhabha , he could be managing on his own in hostels, but still when he gets married the expectations of cooking good food and managing the house turns entirety to the lady alone. Isn’t this male chavanism ? Why does it become a matter of pride for a man not to help her lady ? Why is he ashamed or bothered ? Why can’t a working woman who has a 9-5 job not expect a little help from her husband ?

When you know she’s tired, make her a cup of tea or coffee in the evening , cook dinner occasionally to surprise her. These little efforts can indeed make a huge difference in her life. She’ll always remember these little happy moments and cherish them forever. By doing this you’ll not only become a good husband but an example and inspiration for all the men in the society.

Please don’t just restrict a woman to just a house , encourage her at every step, motivate her hidden talents, make her happy.

Treat a woman like a princess, remember she has left her home, left her ailing, old and lonely parents, sacrificed so much for you at every step of her life, stood up for you. Respect her and her parents. Be a good son to her parents not a son in law. Stand up for her, respect her decisions, don’t abuse her physically and mentally, don’t make her feel guilty for marrying you.

Be a gentleman to your lady.

Last but not the least I would love to share a quote – ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’.

There were people who discouraged me on writing blogs , they said what would a blog read by a few people make a difference, they gave me annoying reasons. The thing is that different people have different mindsets and opinions and being a writer I respect different views. It is not always important that we’ll meet like minded people, people could disagree with you. Take the critisism positively.

A big thank you to all the lovely people reading this blog. Be sure to spread this message to every orthodox society. Be a change in a heard of sheep.

My trip to Hyderabad

Writing Travel blogs – chapter 3 ✌️

The place extremely loved by me…with a very positive vibe and a place worth writing. ✒️

Me – Where are we going to spend our vacations ?

Dad – In Hyderabad

So off we set….

The capital city of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana is rich in it’s royal style, culture, heritage, delicacies and it’s people and peace. 🚊

The history book reminds of the struggle India took to make Hyderabad a part of India. It tells about the forceful rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad on it’s people and finally signing the accession of Hyderabad to India. 📕

Hyderabad has a tinge of modernity to it’s original nawab feel. When in Hyderabad be sure to check out on Secunderabad. Commonly known as twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad are separated by Hussain Sagar Lake, the buildings on the other side show a peek into Secunderabad when you’re on the side of Hyderabad. This often remindes me of its similarity with Niagra falls wherein from New York you can witness the glimering lights of the skyscapers of Canada. 🎆

Our hotel overlooked a wide range of small eating joints and a church behind our hotel. The cool breeze and the aroma of idlis woke me up from my dreams. In the breakfast we onlooked some simmering hot cups of coffee along with some mouth watering idlis. The size of the idlis made me think if I could eat more than two. Kindly don’t try Punjabi puris there, it’s not pleasing. Hot uttapams greeted us in the afternoon. Yellow daal with hot naans were enough to fill our stomachs at night. The food here in Hyderabad is quite spicy. Mark that 🤧

How could we forget the famous hyderabad’s biryani and kebabs. The mutton biryani’s aroma was enough to set our mouths watering. It’s authentic taste still tickles our taste buds. 😋


The next day was spent chatting with the locals, also stopped in to buy fruits. The people were very friendly and courteous. The unity in diversity clearly highlights Hyderabad. People with different communities lived and communicated like simply humans. Humanity is the religion there which you don’t get to see elsewhere in India . Right ? 💞

They cooperated in diluting us in their culture by familiarizing us with the local language there… Otherwise the public transport ( buses ) could be really confusing. The raat de gedi was great. The Hussain Sagar looks amazing in the dark with the colourfully lighted statue. The churches there are beautiful. This is the safest state I’ve visited wherein we could roam around in the streets at midnight. The tour starts. 🚕

Chaar Minar

Not only the monument but the gushing market surrounding the Minar is a delight for tourists and yet a great place for shopaholics. The pearls, the glittering bangles, the pretty sarees were all tempting.

Salar jung Museum

This is a must watch when in Hyderabad. It is one of the important museums in India. The ivory dinnings , the Jade crockery, the different paintings of different eras are all enchanting. The central attraction of this museum is a clock. After every hour a drawf comes out of the clock like magic and strikes the dong according to the hour of the day. A large crowd is seated on chairs especially to watch this. 🏛️

Golconda Fort

The birthplace of Kohinoor, the most famous diamond, the fort is located a few kilometers from Hyderabad. A brick fort was once a very famous hub for diamonds.

Chowmohallah Palace

A very beautiful architectural design in white. It is the official residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad.Inside it contains the family pictures of the Nizams, their antique clothes and weapons. It has a train which serves food in it’s boggies on a huge dinning table. On the front of the palace there is a yellow coloured Rolls Royce, a bike collection ranging from the oldest models of Harley Davidson, a baggi is also visible. 🏍️

Birla Mandir

A white coloured Temple on a hill. The view is perfect for clicking pictures. 📸

Hyderabad has it all that needs to attract tourists, from it’s nawab like charm to it’s authentic biryani and idlis, from architectural delights to shopping at the Chaar Minar.

Hyderabad has a climate which would always tempt you to become a resident of Hyderabad. The perfect secure state for entrepreneurs and women.

So, guys this was my unforgettable experience in Hyderabad. When are you packing your bags for Hyderabad ??? 👝

Hope you liked reading it. 📖

Thanks for reading 👍

The power of words

A few lines which never fail to inspire me..and which have always been there for me.. Some golden rules to rejuvenate life.

Believe in the power of words

Don’t mince words. Be clear and sure, trust your intuition.

Be true to yourselves

Be free spirited.

Once you start believing in yourselves that’s the most beautiful thing in this world.

Never loose your self respect and never compromise on yourselves.

Always be the best version of yourselves.

Let go of all the negativity, be optimistic. Let it go and you’ll definitely feel better.

Be your own competitor.

Never let anything or anyone stop you or dampen your spirits.

Be who you want to be. Shine like a star in the sky.

Love yourself.

Be who you your colour, your body and yourselves.

Love your flaws. Embrace your imperfections.

Always stand up for yourselves and always do what you feel is right.

Listen to people but don’t follow them. Never forget your inner queen.

Be guilt free and never regret anything. Remember everything happens for a reason.

Never underestimate yourselves and never let people dominate you.

You’re a fighter..never quit

Give importance to yourselves…

Live life to the fullest…babumoshai zindigi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi.

Be an asset don’t be a liability, be independent, no one will be there ultimately you are the only one standing with you.

Smile smile and smile….

These were some thoughts I felt like sharing with my readers. I hope I’ve managed to make sure you enjoyed it.

If there’s anything I’ve missed out you can add it to the recipe of your life.❤️

Broken is beautiful

This blog was extremely difficult for me to write. But i convinced myself and so here I am. Broken and Beautiful, is a story of a heartbreak and moving on…

Whenever I watch the rain drops silently descending on the window panes.. I lean up against the window watching them slowly arousing my memories associated with you….they indeed are a reminder of you, but they also make me feel that these tiny drops cannot dampen my spirits.

Loving is easy but heartbreak is devastating and moving on seems very difficult. But they say time is the greatest healer…

It took me some time to realize that I have to control my distractions and not let them become a roadblock in my success ahead. It’s ambition Vs love and I chose ambition.

I have never compromised on anything, I am dominating, love my flaws and the best of all I am who I am

Is it the age factor or something related to bollywood movies ???When I first thought of writing this blog I didn’t express it to my parents because this is generally not every teenager wants to share with their parents ( typical indian teenage mentality ) Right??

The actual story is we meet, talk or chat and we get attracted when the other person makes your heart flutter and makes you feel special like no one else. After a few months he somewhat gets irritated, treats you like you are no more a priority, excuses, and the last but not the least says he has to focus on his career, his parents are important, makes you feel guilty, hurts your feelings everyday….the long video chat changes to I’m busy, the phone calls changes to I’m in college let me study at least….and we being madly in that crap rubbish thing called love suffer.

The worst thing is that why can’t they start a relationship with truth, the other person would not had felt so much pain later.

No relationships are not at least my cup of tea. But life is unpredictable.

What you gotta do is tell em that were you lost when you had all the time in this world to start a relationship and didn’t the long distance calls make a difference in your so called studies stuff ??? They come, they lie, they conquer and they leave.

It’s time you realize your self worth and self love.

Oh and also just leave him and throw him out of your lives like a weed. Tell em that it ends here and have that spirit in you ‘that one day you’ll have a super successful career where in he’ll come in as a candidate up for an interview & you’ll definitely love to reject him’. And be sure to remind others that he didn’t but you ditched him and you definitely deserve better.

That phase feels very difficult but trust yourselves you’ll surely overcome that negative past. Don’t ever change yourselves… Always be who you are , follow your intuition, love yourselves the most. A storm needs to be overcome to see the brighter side. Every dark night has a bright morning.

Be a Queen, turn your pain into power.

The major problems faced are –



Unable to control your feelings

I’ll not say stop watching movies but I’ll say stop believing in them. The fact is that you start hoping that one day u’ll also love someone like that, dance in the rain, but the reality is that they already have their established career and they have a marrigable age. But in your case when you try imitating you end up being depressed.Wrong expectations always hurt. Don’t expect from people, set your own goals and expectations. Think about your career first keep it a priority.

Teenage, yeah a major problem indeed where in its very difficult to control your feelings and emotions for the other person, hormones stuff. Sometimes the person may not reciprocate your feelings and may not be serious…this is indeed a big reason for depression.

But let me tell you whenever the thing happens just think NO !! It’s my Career Vs Love….And think in the long term who’s gonna benefit you more. Tell your friends, try talking to your parents…trust me they know well how to control, they have indeed seen that phase.

It’s our mindset but parents are supportive and they really guide you well. They’ll be angry at first but trust me they’ll tell you the real scenario between what’s wrong and what’s right.

Always keep yourselves engaged and busy. That’ll help you avoid distractions.

Learn how to confess, talk to yourselves ( you’ll love it )

Fill in your mind with optimism.

Explore new arenas of life.

These were some tips on how to manage teen age with ease.

Moving on feels very difficult and the feelings seem inseparable but let time do it’s job, it slowly heal you.

Remember your career won’t wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.

The people who have ever suffered heartbreak can only express it and motivate others. When you let go of a person who was never meant to stay you become stronger each day.

You start discovering the real you.

This blog is especially dedicated to my Bestie who always encourages me to hear my inner self, she guides me through the darkest phases of my life, she is the epitome of love, she is my support system. She guided me when I was alone, was heartbroken.

Also to my parents who guided me at every doorstep of distraction. They helped me explore my inner queen. They inspire me each day.

Without you this blog would have been an impossible dream.

Broken is indeed beautiful because it makes you challenge yourself, face your obstacles, and makes you stronger in every way. It shapes you the way you are.

Love yourselves because something once gone can never come back…( I’ve suffered it & don’t want you to do the same ) .Value your passions , your ambitious and everything you love including yourselves and your flaws.

Never give up on yourselves and no one can beat you.

Last but not the least a big thank you to all those lovely people who are reading this blog. I would love to hear your feedback and your stories too..❤️✌️

Lights Camera Action

Sometimes you know when you wait for a long time for a bollywood film and when you watch it, it seems boring at first but ends being a great film… Similarly some situations in life teach you some life long precious lessons. Similar were My days as a Trainee at 18.

You don’t always know what curve balls life throws at you…one moment I was resting comfortably on a couch in my room and the next moment happened something unexpected….Read on

It was my dad’s idea to replace my to be exciting summer holidays with boring training sessions but I’ll have to thank him for that…When he first broke in the news of my training…my reaction was – why ?? 🙄 Nooo 😒 I don’t want to go!! I want to enjoy my vacation at a beach…but he was adamant. At that moment I didn’t knew that my days as a trainee would become soo memorable that I would be here writing a blog on it.

It seemed tough as I had no interest in ruining my vacation but parents!!! You know!!!😂 they kept nagging me until I finally gave in. They told me that I had 2 months training at 2 different places. First was at Mohali Airport and the second one was at Thapar University , Patiala.

Mohali International Airport

First I found a PG at Mohali nearest to the airport. I had never stayed away from my home. I had always been treated as a princess at home…But here it seemed like a prison.

Staying in a room with three more girls with just a single cooler in a room, eating that spicy & oily PG food, waking up at 6 AM, managing household work ( washing utensils, boiling eggs & milk, bringing household essentials from the nearby shops all alone. ) This was something I had never imagined that I would experience so early in my life. At my place I didn’t have to do so much work, it was always done for me.

Imagine my plight !!! The timings there added to my disgust, they were 9 to 5. The first day was not good as imagined by me…I missed my bus, had to go on an auto arrived there half an hour late but to my relief no one there noticed that I was late. Gradually I became friendly with my room mates, sometimes mom also visited. Then came the time to bid good bye to Mohali. When I first reached here that was unpleasant but when I knew that I had to go & never look back again…that was something else, something different.

Thapar University, Patiala

The second phase was my training at Thapar. It was easier as it was easily accessible. The training was at a hostel. There were managers, supervisors , workers, caretakers, warden all elder than me….& me being the youngest of the lot.

One day I even rode to Thapar on my bicycle…& it was an insane experience which I whenever recall it I have a hearty laugh..😂😁

I cannot really describe the next few days….that warden!! how can I miss her out !!! She was just so untolerable. She even called me on a Sunday to work and scolded me for taking an off . The timings being 9 to 3 but that Sunday she made me work till 5. Arghh!!! I felt like murdering her that instance. But keeping apart these things there were some important things I learned…

First, I learned pressure handling in a workplace.

Second, there are many kinds of customers you have to deal with while controlling your temper, being patient. Try some sense of humor 😂

Third, always be polite on the outside even if you hate that person. This would work in your favour.

Fourth, don’t ever argue, complain or fight with your colleagues…make peace with them, listen to them, motivate your juniors.

Luck favors you sometimes…😂

Struggle is a part and parcel of a successful life ahead, it doesn’t asks your age.

The decisions taken against our wishes can sometimes prove beneficial for us… Now whenever I glance at my appointment letter & certificates & hold them in my hand the feeling is something which cannot be described in words….!!! I truly feel blessed that I listened to my Dad and yes !! he was right. 💖

Today I feel a lot more confident, patient and yes ambitious too all thanks to my training and Dad…✌️

Hope these ideas work for you as well. I hope my experiences prove fruitful for you.

Good luck !!!